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OOC Information:
Name: Eren
Are you over 15? way over
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IC Information:
Name: Fuu Hououji ; changed to Anais Temple. Anais is Fuu’s name in the Spanish (Spanish….?) dub. Hououji translates to Phoenix Temple so there you go.
Canon and medium: Magic Knight Rayearth [Manga]
Age: 14/15 in the manga, 16 reincarnated
Preincarnation Species: Human, albeit a quirky one.
Preincarnation Appearance: image!!
Any differences: Longer hair, to the bottom of her shoulder blades. More fashionable glasses, too.
Preincarnated History: Schoolgirls get abducted from Tokyo Tower, with rescuing the world’s princess as a ransom. They learn some magic, meet some gods, make some friends, fall in love, all that magical girl stuff. Except gods=robots. And then they find out rescue=murder. They go home and wind up with some serious stockholm syndrome for the world they were kidnapped to and go back to save it from falling apart because they murdered a super important political force/personification of goodness. Vagrants are princes, the only people seemingly alive are people they met, the plot makes no sense and contradicts itself several times. There are clearly racist personifications attacking things. Tokyo Tower is important. God is a marshmallow. CLAMP.

No, really. That’s p much it.

Reincarnated History: Anais grew up in a little apartment in a little building on a little street that is of little consequence to anyone. Her family is a little family which is very much the same--and she likes it that way. Her mother taught piano and her father teaches math at the high school, and that was how they met and how Anais and her older sister came to be. However, it didn’t last all that long--their parents split when Anais was eight and her sister was ten. Anais decided to stay with their mother, and her sister stays with her father, leaving the family small and broken, but not hostile. While the latter bit is nice, the former took a toll on a little girl with very little idea what was going on. She’s not one to form close relationships, anymore, because of it. Anais prefers solitary activities and isn’t the best at working in a group, but only because she does all the work. She doesn’t trust anyone else to do it.

Anais grew up on ye olden movies, as they were some of her mother’s favorites. When things were stressful at the beginning of the split, she and her mother watched them, and they’re something of a comfort to her now. She found herself on the track team when she entered high school as well. It allowed her to be an individual, but still participate in a team, and that relieved her mother to no end. The only real group activity she’s still involved in is band. Though she learned piano at a very young age from her mother, she wanted to do something of her own, picking up clarinet in fifth grade. She learned to smile and pretend she was fine all at the same time as getting bristly about anyone trying to get too close. She doesn’t do well with sincerity or compassion from others only because she’s sure it will only last until whoever is offering gets bored.

Anais is kind of quiet and prefers to fade into the background. While she’s good at getting along with others, she isn’t necessarily good at making friends. She’s great at socializing, but not great at actually connecting. She maintains average to good grades, average to good social standing and average to good participation in her extracurriculars. That is how she likes it.

First Echo: In canon, there is a scene where Fuu is attacked by a seemingly-defeated foe. When she realizes what’s coming, she goes full on deer-in-headlights, having to be saved by one of her traveling companions shoving her out of the way. He calls her an idiot on the way down and knocks off her glasses. The incident is going to be somewhat replicated, except instead of monster, there will be a car and instead of traveling companion, it will be classmate, and instead of getting away safely, her savior is getting hit (I do have permission from the other player for this).

Preincarnation Personality: In any classic girl trio, there tend to be three types. There must be the strong, the beautiful and the intelligent. Magic Knight Rayearth is no exception. Hikaru, the main character is brave, Umi is beautiful, and Fuu Hououji is unquestionably the brains of the operation.

You see, Fuu is a genius. Attending a school for the gifted, Fuu still does well in all her classes and absolutely loves to read. In fact, Fuu has quite a few geeky tendencies--a love of computer programming and video games, concern over her homework while trapped in a “video game world”, and a hobby of reading books. Outside of just scholarly pursuits, she does seem to be fairly well rounded. She's a member of the archery team, and is fairly good with both bow and arrow, as well as a sword. She's been shown in extra art and omake to be good at other sports as well, music and art, and even cooking. Fuu is the kind of person who excels at everything she really tries for.

Fuu has had all the opportunities a life has to offer--a high class, wealthy family that cares about her, and several talents--but unlike the stereotypical "rich bitch" such well-off characters fall into, Fuu takes her status with grace. In fact, everything she does is done with an air of grace. She uses honorifics with everyone, calling monsters Monster-san, and enemies by -san as well (even by the end of the second manga, Ferio is the only one she calls without an honorific, including her two best friends), only to be respectful and polite--and the politeness extends to every action in her life. She feels that everyone deserves to be respected and treated well. Fuu Hououji is the kind of person who enjoys the happiness of others. Her introduction to the series is a clear example of this: on her own field trip to Tokyo Tower, Fuu watches Hikaru enjoy a pair of binoculars. When the time runs out and Hikaru is looking for change, Fuu simply gives it to her, expecting nothing in return, just saying that she enjoys watching her have fun.

Fuu's goodness is such a defining personality trait that her magic is based mostly in protection and healing as opposed to Hikaru and Umi's attack based magics. In Cefiro, everything is decided by heart and will, and it's only when you truly believe that you have any power. Fuu's first spell learned is simply one to heal her friend--she wants nothing more than to keep her friends safe, and the theme continues, learning spells for protection, and one to immobilize when her friends are in danger. Throughout the course of the manga, Fuu shows a great deal of compassion and mercy, choosing to give others a chance to change their course of action, even when only moments before they had tried to kill her. It is stated by Master Mage Clef that her compassion is her source, and this never changes.

But you cannot mistake that for stupidity. Fuu is not one to be trifled with. She can be harsh, clever or tricky at any time. She would protect her friends with her life, and will fight to the death over them, as she did threaten Caldina with death if she didn't back down. Ferio has blatantly called her clever more than once when she tricked him into becoming their body guard in order for him to find the exit of the forest. While she is certainly trusting, she is very aware that others could plot against her, as she pointed out that, though Ferio was kind to them, he could be working for Zagato.

Fuu is determined and protective. She is willing to sacrifice her own safety for her friends, but still cherishes her own self. She says in the manga that she has no other way to honor the people who have raised and cared for her but to keep herself safe and healthy. She fights to keep herself in one piece for those who love her, and those she loves. But she also fights to keep her friends safe, even at the cost of her own life. She puts her whole heart into everything she does--which makes her a wonderful magic knight, considering that everything from her armor to her weapons to her ability to pilot the Mashin itself relies on the strength of her heart. It is her realization that she would die for her friends rather than harm them--and the realization of how strong that desire really is--that gives Fuu the ability to break out of an illusion that Umi and Hikaru couldn't fight. She is very honorable, to the point where she will not ask for help if she feels that it is asking too much of someone, and will not take more if she has only asked for so much.

When things calm down, though, Fuu can be Captain Obvious, which is a particularly annoying trait of hers. She does find it necessary to tell you, for example, that you are under water. She's got a very dippy attitude and comes off as somewhat shy when it comes to personal matters. She's easy to make blush and stammers when flirted with and complimented, though she’s ready and willing to compliment others and put information about herself out there. Fuu is the first of the magic knights to offer an introduction, despite the situation, and this is used repeatedly in the manga.

Her almost carefree, sweet attitude is greatly lost after Fuu experiences taking someone else's life. She is certainly still kind, but between the first and second manga, Fuu's smiles are visibly sadder, she cries more, and she drops weight. She's lost her love of video games, since she can no longer see the villain as truly bad, and grows quiet around her family, worrying her sister a great deal.

Fuu is the kind of person who thrives off having people around her, and being alone can take a heavy toll. On that same note, Fuu is the kind of person who will never let anyone else see her tears. Hikaru makes a statement to Lantis “They tried to cheer me up, but I know they cried when they were alone.” Ferio, so far as the series states, is the only exception to the “cry when they’re alone” rule. Fuu desires to keep herself and her heart strong, so that others can rely on her, and sometimes forgets that she needs someone to rely on, too. Her sister, Kuu, makes it very apparent that this is an issue when she tells Fuu that she knows something very serious is wrong, but things aren’t as hard when there’s someone to talk to. Fuu works so hard to make sure everyone else around her is all right, that it’s very obvious she forgets herself at times.

Any differences: As outlined above, Anais is far less likely to connect with people than Fuu is. She’s content to be by herself, but less because she’s bad with people and more because she just doesn’t trust anyone. A broken family has left her realizing that no relationship last forever. She’s still kind but aware of the bad side of humanity, robbing her of Fuu’s naivety. She's no longer the type to just chat with someone if there's even a possibility of a threat, and she's no longer Captain Obvious. She’s less of a team player, and less of an optimist, as well. Far less of a nerd, and much less likely to offer information about herself. She won't be introducing herself by her birthday, zodiac sign and blood type anymore.

Anais is colder. Not crueler, but more likely to look out for herself than for others. And not because she doesn't want to hurt those around her by getting hurt like Fuu. It's because she knows she's the only one who will look out for her. She's less of a romantic. She isn't easily embarrassed, either. She'd much rather roll her eyes than blush.

Abilities: Fuu’s non-magic skills included archery, a mind for strategy and genius-level intellect. Her magic skills consisted of four main spells:
Healing Winds (what it says on the label, could bring back someone from the brink of death, but doesn’t work on sickness)
Winds of Protection (barrier spell)
Binding Winds (again, what it says on the label) and
Emerald Typhoon (a strong wind-based attack spell)
Her equipment was evolving armor (it grew stronger with the strength of her heart), an evolving longsword that stood more than seven feet, and for a short time a bow borrowed from Cefiro’s chief weapons maker.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: She notices her mom peering in. Don’t get her wrong, she’s not unobservant or uncaring, but she really just doesn’t have time. Her paper is due tomorrow and she still has to finish the last few chapters of the book. The actual novel, beaten around the edges, is open on her lap. Her notes are an organized mess to her left and her laptop sits open on a page about the author on the left. Really, she could’ve left it to her group to write each section of the paper, but leaving the visuals to them left a bad taste in her mouth already. She didn’t have much of a choice in that. So much of her time had been eaten up in the doctor’s office yesterday that she’d lost an entire night for homework and she’d be up long past midnight tonight trying to finish.

Her head hurts like a bitch, though, and she can’t stop that stupid string of numbers over and over and over again that flashes behind her eyes and whispers in her ears. She wonders if it’s a number to a radio station she’d heard, but then, that doesn’t explain the weird scene that flashed through her head at the same time. She’s pretty sure she’s never seen the man whose face flashed through her mind in that moment, but she knows all dreams are made up of people and things you’ve seen before. She assumes it’s something like that, maybe. A dream, or a flash of some random face in some random situation she probably read about in a book in a panicked moment. Everything has a logical explanation, right? Right. She gropes around on the nightstand for a bookmark, though. It leaves her unsettled, and she needs to stretch her legs.

The nice thing about having a higher apartment is access to the roof. She’s quiet as she passes the old lady two doors down--she knows it’s late and she has no desire to set off her cats. She holds her breath as she heads up the staircase--it echoes like crazy and no matter how light her footsteps are, it sounds like ten people climbing. She dragged a chair up months ago, and now she pulls it from it’s unassuming corner to the darker side of the roof. Bundled in a thicker coat and fleecy blanket, she pulls her knees to her chest and stares up at what few stars she can see. And she wonders why the memory that isn’t hers of a man she never met can put her heart in her throat. What a mess she is.

Roleplay Sample - Network: Fuu can be scary as shit when she tries.
She doesn't try a lot though

Any Questions? If you need to clear up any lingering questions or concerns, here's the place to do it.
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► Characters are given a gold coin, about the size of a gold dollar on arrival
     - One side has "CAMP HALF BLOOD" around the edge
     - The other side is blank until the characters are claimed by their parent
     - Once a character is claimed, it becomes a cameo of their godly parent.

► Communication is mostly one on one, but the coin serves as a rechargeable "phone card" for Iris Messaging (IMing).
     - They start out with one month of access
     - They can access after finding a rainbow, tossing the coin to it and sayingthe words "Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering."
     - Private IMs must be directed to the recipient by the full name
     - However, because these guys have gone an entire life without their godly parents, they get a new fancy trick. If they want to broadcast to everyone like them in the camp, they can toss the coin in and just say "Camp Half-Blood."
     - Coins can be recharged by paying 10 gold drachmas a month, or by earning favor from a god.
     - Phones are forbidden (they send up alerts to monsters)
     - If caught with a phone, the character will be disciplined

► Monthly games, controlled by one of the gods of Olympus.
     - Gods will obviously favor their own children
     - One house will have a severe disadvantage
     - Whoever wins gets some sort of prize
     - This may or may not work.

► The world is open to New York City and the land between there and Camp Half-Blood
     - Characters are allowed to venture into the city, but they may not live there. Due to not being from this world, they set up flares the size of fireworks to monsters and would not be able to survive.
     - Characters can be attacked by monsters as soon as they leave the perimeter of the camp
     - There may or may not be field trips

► They arrive at Mount Olympus, in a room, alone with a small girl sitting by a fire. This is Hesita, who will welcome them home and explain the situation
     - Afterward, Hestia leads them to a fountain, gives them a gold coin and demonstrates IMing
     - They will not be allowed to speak with their godly parent until they have been claimed, and even then it will be for a few brief moments (most of the gods will smile on their children in favor, though some will scorn. They've never met nor seen their children before, so it's a bittersweet moment.)
     - They will be taken to Camp Half-Blood by taxi, and directed to Hermes Cabin, where they're given the camp uniform and jeans (they'll be able to buy more clothes later) and all their basic needs will be provided for. They may have to sleep on the floor until they're claimed
     - Most of the other campers will leave them alone. Purely because these people weird them the fuck out.

► Will characers' appearances be changed if they're not human?
► How will events work?
► NPCing gods is gonna suck
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When you were just a baby...
... you remembered a warm presence. A smile like the sun, a brush of a hand against of against your cheek that felt like the wind. You don't know who they were, all you know is that they meant a great deal to you. You were skilled far beyond what effort you put forth in certain things. Animals sometimes flocked to you or favored you. As you grew, you slowly forgot this presence and these oddities, though certain events made a feeling of loneliness and curiosity grow in your stomach, as if you were missing someone you never knew.

Those feelings are the eyes and blessings of your parent following you. Not your parent in this world, but your real parent. On the day you were born, they sent you away to the world you live in now. There was a quest that needed a hero, and there was no one to complete it. Or maybe there was a danger at home and they sent you away to protect you. The oracle spoke of your future in another land. Whatever reason, they did it, they believe, out of love. You are their child, and they loved the man or woman who helped create you. You're destined for great things.

You're a demi-god, after all. And your parents have finally summoned you home, to the 600th floor of the Empire State Building: Mount Olympus.